Underarm Sweating Treatment

Medical Aesthetic

Underarm sweating causes the person to fall into a very troubled social situation in daily life and to experience problems in both business and private life.

Causes of Underarm Sweating

In general, the sympathetic system of individuals with this type of complaint works more than other people, not only armpit sweating, but also sweating on the hands and feet. In addition to excessive secretion of the sympathetic system, metabolic diseases that cause excessive secretion of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline cause sweating of the armpit, such as pheochromocytoma.

Today, although some IPL laser systems have been developed for treatment, Botox treatment provides a definitive solution for sweating. The glands secreting botulinum toxin A are anesthetized and become ineffective. With this effect, sweating is treated for 6 months and there is no obstacle in performing other functions. If sweating continues after 15 days, an iodine test is performed with starch flour and the sweating area is determined. Botox can also be given to the areas that continue to sweat. Botox treatment in armpit sweating takes a very short time. If anesthetic cream is applied before the application, the pain is not felt much. There are no significant side effects expected after the procedure. Botox effect in armpit sweating complaint can vary between 6-12 months on average.