Striort Fissure Treatment

Medical Aesthetic

The state-of-the-art STRIORT device, which makes it possible to get rid of stretch marks, is now available at the Kaizen Beautify beauty center in Turkey. Until now, it was almost impossible to remove the cracks, but thanks to the Brazilian-origin crack repair method, the cracks are vacuumed first and the blood flow in the area is accelerated. Immediately after, the cracks are removed with striort metedu. This method, which gives nearly 90% results in crack repair, creates miraculous effects.

  • Pregnancy stretch marks
  • Cracks caused by rapid weight gain and loss
  • In all of the cracks that occur due to intense exercises, it is possible to get up to 90% crack repair results between 1-3 sessions.

You can get rid of your stretch marks in 1-3 sessions without the need for surgery and operation.

The crack problem in the body is a skin tear problem. The most important causes of skin tear appearance, which is frequently seen in women; sudden weight gain and loss, pregnancy, insufficient moisture and water ratio of the body. Of course, skin structure and genetic factors are also serious factors in this regard. The skin structure and metabolic activities of each person are different. No application has yet been found to prevent the formation of these skin tears. However, it is now possible to remove these tears with STRIORT. STRIORT is a skin tear repair program.

It is a set of devices, methods and products originating in South America. In addition to the device, it is a miraculous procedure that gives highly clear results in 3 sessions on the skin tear-looking areas of the person with its products. STRIORT is not an ordinary vacuum method, it contains special bars for skin tear repair and is a combined application with an adjusted system. Skin tear scars are changes on the skin surface with a harmless character, similar to a scar, depending on the type of groove and the degree of development, by showing continuity in the lower skin together with the side effects on the upper skin as a result of the rupture of elastic fibers. Such lesions are hypotrophic, straight-lined, and sometimes wavy. Since STRIORT is not a subcutaneous procedure, it does not cause an allergic condition, wound or bleeding. It is a hassle-free and comfortable application.

Striort is also the AQUA PEEL method. Reduction in visible wrinkles. It provides acne, pigmentation removal, cleansing, hydration and antioxidant in one go. It does not cause any discomfort due to its injectorless application.

Another feature of Striort is vacuum therapy. Fibroderms device performs body shaping to our body with vacuum therapy method. Butt and breast shaping is provided with vacuum therapy, which is a one-to-one operation for people who do not have time to do sports.