Aquafilling Breast Augmentation

Medical Aesthetic

Aquafilling Breast Augmentation is a state-of-the-art body filler that has been used frequently in recent years, in a sense, it is a liquid natural body implant, a linear polyamide hydrophilic gel containing a copolyamide cation, essentially in protein structure. It contains more than 97% water in its structure and is fully compatible with human tissue. Therefore, it is a material that can be used safely in filling processes. It contains linear polyamide and 0.9 physiological saline, giving volume to patients who do not want to use prostheses.

The hydrogen and copolyamide substance in its structure and its molecules, collagen and elastin, provide flexibility to the tissues to absorb substances called fibrin and adiponectin. Provides fullness for up to 5 years.

How is Aquafilling Applied?

Aquafilling Breast Augmentation is an alternative to submuscular or armpit surgeries that take a little more time than a filling botox procedure, which requires meticulous attention to provide a sterile environment performed under general anesthesia, and is an alternative to the selection of the appropriate patient in the selection of the appropriate patient. It is a method that is highly compatible with the body anatomy, which does not require a secondary operation. The procedure results in a total of 30-40 minutes after the breast tissue is completely numbed with local anesthetic drugs and the gel-like filling is injected. Since local anesthesia is applied before the procedure, the patient does not suffer and returns to his social life on the same day as there is no incision and recovery period.

For Which Patients Is Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Suitable?

The most suitable candidates for non-surgical breast augmentation with Aquafilling are women with small breast tissue who have not experienced excessive sagging and deformation in their breasts. Women with normal breasts can also reach their desired breast sizes with the aquafilling application, if their breasts do not sag. However, non-surgical breast augmentation is not suitable for people with sagging breasts with the nipple facing down. The reason for this is that unfortunately, there is no solution to the sagging problem other than surgery, even if breast growth is achieved by applying aquafilling to sagging breasts, sagging cannot be removed, so the patient’s dream of aesthetic, upright and lively breasts cannot be obtained. By choosing breast augmentation method with prosthesis surgery, they can reach the desired breast sizes.

What is the Price of Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation with Aquafilling?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about non-surgical breast aesthetics. People, of course, make a cost calculation at the point of deciding whether to choose a silicone prosthesis or filler, but how much aquafilling will reach the desired size of the breast tissue, the concept of sufficient size in the patient’s mind, whether there is an asymmetry in the chest. and many important factors such as how much additional filling is needed to eliminate this asymmetry completely vary from person to person. For all these factors, a full breast examination should be performed. The doctor explains the technique to be applied to the patient, how much filler will be injected into which area, what needs to be done to achieve the golden ratio, and the asymmetry parts, one by one, and the patient shares the ideas in his head with his doctor. Since the cost of the Aquafilling application completely depends on the amount of filler to be applied, the cost of the application is different for each individual and a clear price information is determined only after the physical examination.

Are There Any Side Effects and Harms of Aquafilling Application?

Aquafilling is a body filler specially developed for breast tissue. It is a FDA-approved water-based gel, whose content is completely produced from substances that are safe for the body. In addition, the applied area has no connection with the milk glands and ducts, just like silicone prostheses, it is placed in the retromamarian, that is, submuscular area, and does not prevent breastfeeding.

In addition, this procedure is a much safer and safer method since it is not an operation and is performed only with a cannula without any incision. As in all surgeries, the application of infection, trauma, narcosis allergy, etc., which is always present in breast surgeries. However, the important thing here is that the procedure is performed in a licensed product, full sterile or semi-surgery clinic, and the patient should follow the medications and recommendations very carefully after the procedure, and should not have any intramuscular injections in that area within 6 months.

Does Aquafilling Application Make Breast Sagging?

No, the aquafilling application does not cause sagging of the breasts either at the time of application or in the future. Because the volumes placed are not large volumes and are not in a material that is hard enough to affect the anatomy of the breast downwards, especially in large prosthesis preferences, in a period of 1-2 years, the breast tissue will move downwards. It is very common to see that it starts to sag. In Aquafilling, sagging in the breast tissue is almost never seen, the filling is gradually removed by the body, and after it is absorbed, the breasts will return to their original state, and if desired, there is no harm in applying the procedure.

Who is not suitable for Aquafilling?

Aquafilling is a suitable procedure for every woman between the ages of 18-55. The people who can’t do it are as follows.

  • Individuals with a history of breast cancer
  • Individuals with suspected pregnancy and those with active pregnancy
  • Individuals who are in the postpartum breastfeeding period
  • Individuals with a history of cancer that is active or less than 6 months after cure
  • Infected individuals, including active ongoing viral and bacterial corona