Aquafilling Butt Enlargement

Medical Aesthetic

Aquafilling butt enlargement is a state-of-the-art body filler that has been used frequently in recent times. It is essentially a linear polyamide hydrophilic gel in protein structure containing a copolyamide cation. It contains more than 97% water in its structure and is fully compatible with human tissue. Therefore, it is a material that can be used safely in filling processes. The linear polyamide and 0.9 physiological sodium chloride it contains give volume to patients who do not want to use prostheses.

How is Aquafilling Applied?

Aquafilling buttock augmentation is a very mobile area due to the anatomical structure of the butt prosthesis buttock, which can be applied as easily as a filling botox procedure that requires meticulous attention to provide a sterile environment under general anesthesia, and alternative applications were needed. It has also been the focus of attention of many famous Hollywood stars, especially Kim Kardashian. It is a method that is highly compatible with the body anatomy, which does not have to undergo a secondary secondary operation. The procedure lasts approximately 30-40 minutes in total, by completely numbing the butt tissue with local anesthetic drugs and injecting the gel-like filling. The patient is fully awake during this procedure. He is conscious and offers the advantage and comfort of determining the amount of filling to be applied and the size he desires. Since local anesthesia is applied before the procedure, the patient does not suffer and returns to his social life on the same day as there is no incision and recovery period.

Which Patients Are Suitable for Non-Surgical Buttock Augmentation?

The most suitable candidates for non-surgical butt enlargement with Aquafilling, whether its texture is flexible or hard, prefer it with peace of mind.

What is the Price of Non-Surgical Buttock Augmentation with Aquafilling?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about non-surgical buttock aesthetics. When making a choice, people, of course, make a cost calculation at the point of deciding whether to use a silicone prosthesis or a filling. However, many important factors such as how much aquafilling the breast tissue will reach the desired size, the concept of sufficient size in the mind of the patient, whether there is an asymmetry in the breast and how much additional filling is required to eliminate this asymmetry vary from person to person. For all these factors, a full breast examination should be performed. The doctor tells the patient the technique to be applied, how much filler will be injected into which area, what needs to be done to achieve the golden ratio, and the parts with asymmetry, one by one. The patient shares his ideas with his doctor. Since the cost of the Aquafilling application completely depends on the amount of filler to be applied, the cost of the application is different for each individual and a clear price information is determined only after the physical examination.

Are There Any Side Effects and Harms of Aquafilling Application?

Aquafilling is a body filler specially developed for buttocks and hips. It is an FDA-approved water-based gel, whose content is completely made of body-friendly substances.

In addition, this procedure is a much safer and safer method since it is not an operation and is applied only with a cannula without any incisions. There is no possibility of side effects such as febrile seizure sepsis or, in very rare cases, cardiogenic shock and death that may develop due to general anesthesia. For this reason, aquafilling application is always present in breast surgeries as in all surgeries, such as infection, trauma, narcosis allergy, etc. It does not carry the risks of surgery such as.

Does Aquafilling Application Make Butt Sagging?

Aquafilling application does not cause sagging on the butt, neither at the time of application nor in the future. Because the volumes placed are not large volumes and they are not in a material that is hard enough to affect the anatomy of the butt. Especially in large prosthesis preferences, it is very common that the butt tissue starts to sag down in a period of 1-2 years. In the Aquafilling process, sagging in the butt tissue is almost never seen. The filler is completely excreted by the body gradually. After sucking, the breasts will return to their original state and there is no harm in applying the procedure if it is desired again.