Youth Vaccine

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Paris Glow Youth Vaccine

Removal of edema by taking advantage of the local effect of mannitol, which is the only agent that can cross the blood-brain barrier, which is used in cases where the brain hemorrhage of the patient, who has brain hemorrhage in IV infusion, needs to be reduced in order to be able to perform surgery. By combining it with hyalurnic acid, both the reduction of edema and a younger skin appearance are provided.

Who Can Have the Youth Vaccine?

We do not apply the youth vaccine as a precautionary measure to patients who have an active known effect in their body or who have cancer treatment, apart from that, we plan for at least 3 sessions for middle-aged patients, and we use them for 2-4 sessions in young patients.

How Long is the Youth Vaccine Persistence?

The patients to whom we apply the youth vaccine continue to see the effects of this application for 6-8 months. As the number of sessions increases, the effect of a better quality skin on both the decrease in the lines in the neck area and the opening of the fine wrinkles that occur with aging is again 6-8 months, but when this period ends, the skin is in a better position than its former position. Moisture balance is preserved and a healthier appearance is achieved.

Why Should Mesotherapy be Preferred for Increasing Skin Quality? Why Should Patients Prefer Mesotherapy Prefer Youth Vaccine?

Improving the quality of the skin, having a brighter and smoother skin is definitely the dream of every man or woman. For this, many devices have been invented in the medical aesthetic application pool, and many of them are already being developed. The basic mechanism in the devices is to go down to a certain depth, for example 1410 nm wavelength or 2940 nm wavelength, the skin layers at this level are usually in the size of the dermis or reticular dermis, although they vary in certain areas of the skin. to trigger collagen synthesis. Mesotherapy, on the other hand, is to inject antioxidants and more than 100 components such as collagen hyalurnic acid peptide or amino acid vitamins A and E that we want to affect with thin needle tips into these layers of the skin. If the person who will have the procedure will prefer mesotherapy here, it is the comfort of learning from the doctor which substance is given. In the procedures performed with the device, it is not a method to inject these substances, except for the production of new tissue under the skin. In our clinics, we use this method both by using laser device systems and in combination with mesotherapy. The main reason why patients who have mesotherapy prefer the youth vaccine is the antioxidants it contains and a substance with edema-relieving properties.

How Long Does the Application Take and How Many Times Is Tt Done?

The application takes only 10 minutes. Young people who work actively, as well as middle-aged people who work intensively, can easily do this process even during lunch break. Before the application, the area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthetic cream. During the application, the person feels pain or pain at a minimum level, and this can be kept at a minimum level according to the pain threshold level. The effect begins to be seen 14 days after the application is made for the first time. Patients who have a single session of the application achieve a quality appearance on their skin, but after a single session, we recommend our patients to continue the treatment for the 2nd or 3rd session.

There Are Too Many Clinics and Doctors. How Do We Know It’s a Real Youth Vaccine?

There is a list of clinics and doctors who are practitioners in the list of clinics that make real youth vaccination. Apart from this, it is not possible for this product to be made by a non-physician person or persons, hospitals or non-clinical persons or institutions. Since it is a product in the drug category, it is only allowed and licensed to be sold from authorized pharmaceutical warehouses.

Is the Youth Vaccine Only for the Facial Area?

Youth vaccination is to increase the lifting effect in the face area in general in our patients and to restore the skin firmness and elasticity. Apart from the face area, we get very good results in the neck area, jowl, hand and décolleté area. Apart from the face area, our patients prefer it intensely with the increase in brightness as a result of rejuvenation and increase in collagen synthesis in this area.