Thread Face Lift & Rope Hanger

Medical Aesthetic

Thread facelift and thread hanger are ideal applications for women and men who do not want to resort to surgery and want to regain the old appearance of their skin. With this procedure, which is an alternative to surgical face operation, the aging process is delayed.

Thread face lift and thread suspension method is a therapeutic method that can be used in patients who are not satisfied with their facial features, who have sagging and wrinkling on the skin surface, as well as in patients who have had partial facial paralysis. Since the product used is biologically compatible with the human body, it is possible to remain under the skin for many years. So, what exactly is this substance? It is placed as a result of the mottled or flat threads containing polydioxanone (PDA) giving a shape that will form a matrix in every part of the face, and the placed threads completely lose their mechanical effect after 3 months and turn into water and carbon.

Thread facelift PDO threads disappear completely within 6 months. However, its effect under the skin continues for 1-1.5 years depending on fibroblast and collagen stimulation. The main mechanism of action is collagen increase and fibrin elsatin collagen increase in the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue, providing tightening and recovery. In thread face lift, threads are in the form of single (monoflament), double helix (tornado), screw (screw) and hooked (cog). The active ingredient in it is polylactic acid PLA, which is a non-allergic active ingredient with high bioavailability in the body and its permanence is between 1.5-2 years. The main effect mechanisms are not different, again, it provides the increase of collagen, fibroblast and elastin.

Can Spider Web and Thread Strap Be an Alternative to Surgical Operation?

The surgical procedures applied to get rid of the aged appearance offer permanent results that will be used for many years, but the cost and long recovery periods make patients think.

Although you can see the effect immediately after the procedure, it shows its full effect within 6 months. It is more permanent than other skin treatments. More successful results are obtained when combined with PTP filler treatments. If combined treatment is to be applied, firstly, it should be started with skin care etc. for the purpose of superficial peeling, then it should be continued with needle rf process that can melt the filler material, then filler reinforcement should be applied to the necessary places, and lastly a rope hanger should be applied.

In Which Regions Can It Be Applied?

  • Cheeks
  • Cheekbones
  • Gill
  • Oval Parts of the Face
  • Eyebrow
  • Neck Areas

After the application, a trigger point has been created for the lifting effect on the skin, and the polydiacetylene (PDA) or polylactic acid-containing thread derivatives, which are used slowly, begin to spread in the intercellular connective tissue, just like the connexin cells between neighboring cells, just like a spider’s cocoon, as a result of the first week, the body’s defense, namely antibody cells, produce these substances. After 3 weeks, this recognition process is completed successfully. Then, between the 3rd week and 3rd month, the lifting and rope suspension task is completed by reversing the body dynamics that flow from top to bottom anatomically in the direction of the ropes that have a facial line. Its effect varies between 12-18 months, depending on the body’s ability to dissolve the substance.