Medical Aesthetic

Hyaluronic acid is a component naturally produced by our body, which is essentially destroyed by the immune elements and stress factors of the body, which contains amino acid and peptide complexes in its content. Fillers are generally created as a result of the synthetic production of hyaluronic acid by laboratories.

Today, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical aesthetic doctors widely use these fillers. When the application is performed by experienced physicians with the correct injection technique, more than 90% satisfaction is achieved with these fillings. The permanent duration of hyaluronic acid-containing fillers can vary between 12 and 18 months, depending on the average person’s metabolic rate. The needle tips we use in the procedure are generally 33G-30G and 27G (gauch) fine needle tips, so bleeding is minimal, healing or tissue damage from or around the injection site is minimal thanks to advanced technology needle tips and cannulas of the same thickness. The patient’s return to daily life is also faster in the same extent.

What Can Be Done with Facial Filler Hyaluronic Acid?

  1. Gaining volume and structuring the face,
  2. Removal of facial sagging,
  3. Correction of the detention groove,
  4. Elimination of wrinkles around the eyes,
  5. Filling forehead wrinkles,
  6. Elimination of wrinkles and lines around the lips,
  7. Lip augmentation and lip contour application,
  8. Cheek plumping,
  9. Correction of the chin contour,
  10. Filling the cheekbone area,
  11. Removal of depressions due to scars,
  12. Chin augmentation